Monday, January 2, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!  We started our second week of Christmas vacation.  I usually love having my kids home on break(s).  But geez, this ones killing me! Routines are not meant to be broken, and we're feelin' it! So lets hope this week goes better than the last; as I attempt to get some normalcy back in the house.  We have homework and therapy to keep some days occupied, so that'll help! 

Gracie Jo is 6 1/2, and half way through first grade.  She has a great team of teachers this year.  We are counting, saying our ABC's, and starting sight words.  Two of her teachers pushed her over the hump last summer and got her to realize going potty in the toilet is more exciting than a diaper.  Our team has also been working hard with the school's transportation company.  Bus rides have become a bit unbearable for our girl.  Needless to say, we're trying to figure out ways to "get along" with the driver.

Its hard to believe Gracie's last surgery was July of 2015.  The stent she had placed is working thus far, and just got cleared from the cardiologist for another 6 months.  Our ENT appointments prove to be difficult for her; therefore, Dr. Walner has reduced them to once a year. 

Gracie still loves gymnastics, and got moved up to the beginners class along with a few other teammates.  She's working hard, and doing great! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Getting married and having lots of children was my game plan for adulthood.  I had always known the way I wanted life, the way it was going to go, my dreams would be real the moment I stepped into adulthood. Marriage came a bit later than I expected, but pregnancy was right on target.  So life was good!  My doctor confirmed the pregnancy early October.  However, by early November I was told due to my blood results my baby had a 1 in 30 chance of having down syndrome.  Although, highly unlikely (according to this doctor), I was still referred to a geneticist.  I was hoping after seeing this so called geneticist that the blood work had a glitch in it, and all was ok.  Well, five years ago today, the geneticist confirmed my baby girl had DS. I knew after that phone call everything in my life (and my family's) had changed.  I just didn't know how yet. 
My hopes and dreams for my child changed that day.  Normal had no essence.  We would have to learn a new normal.  I didn't want a new normal.  I wanted what I had planned; I wanted what everyone else around me had (normal typical children).  I felt robbed that day. I turned bitter, angry, mad, and everything else you can think of that day.  I still am some days, but not as often.  Our lives definitely have a new normal. 
Therapies, special school, multiple diagnosis' are not what we asked for, but that's what we got.  We are learning to appreciate the cards we were dealt.  My daughter is special. Not only because she has special needs.  But because she is my daughter.  Her diagnosis makes it hard some days, but she makes it worth getting up.  Even on a typically bad day she knows how to make you smile and laugh.
So for today, even though its hard, I will focus on what matters most ~ my daughter and not her diagnosis. 
I am more in love with her today than I ever have before! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Little Blessing

Words cannot describe how unbelievably in love I am with my Gorgeous!  She is so full of life, love, and happiness!  Her energy is indescribable!  She is simply amazing....
I am thrilled with the progress she is making recently.  She is really picking up on knowing her shapes; and is working hard on numbers, letters, and colors.  Grace is also doing well on a few songs, and doing their motions.  "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and the "ABC's" are a few big hits around here.  We have continued to work on counting, and Jonah is picking up on it a bit faster than Gracie.  Fortunately, whatever Jonah says Gracie tries to repeat it.  In most cases that would be a good thing.  For the exception of when they are in trouble we start to count (we do the 1.2.3. method), and Jonah finishes.  Gracie then repeats.  I guess you take the good with the bad. :)
Gracie still loves to read, and play her ipad.  I am thankful for those downtimes in order to get my cuddles and alone time in with her.  I love her more than I ever have before, and am beyond blessed to have her as my daughter!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eating Breakfast With His Cars

I have been a bit neglectful in my writing about the kids on their month(s) anniversaries.  I'll blame it on the holidays, and other personal issues.  None of which should be excuses, but....

Jonah is 28 months old, and I'm not entirely sure people actually count in months after the age of 2. Just doesn't sound right, but hey I just did it didn't I!?! ;)

My middle man is the most energetic little boy I have seen out there! Running is his passion. for this kid.  And his talking keeps up with his running.  Vocabulary has hit our house 10 fold.  We now have to watch what we say; it will be held against us now and forever!  Jonah can now hold real conversations with you, and yes they make sense.  He is now teaching Grace to talk.  Can we say BONUS!?!  Balls, cars & trucks, throwing & kicking anything, soccer, baseball, and basketball are all a pastime of his  now.  As you can see above, Jonah's imaginary play is becoming more apparent, and its so much fun to watch.  I think every car and doll in our house eats and pee's a million times a day! ;)

In short, this catches y'all up on Jonah.  He has been the most healthy out of all the kids this year!  I can't wait to see what he flourishes into next! Lovin' on my middle man always and forever!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Gracie excitedly started her second year of pre-school today! She was a pro at getting back into her regular routine this morning! It amazed me how well she recollected what she needed to do in order to get ready, and leave for school! 

Since mom was a hot mess today, and wanted to make sure she got to school (and on time), we dropped her off for the first day!  She ran right in and never looked back.  Grace knew exactly what to do and where to go!  I'm so proud of her! 

I was still a little nervous after I dropped her off, and were counting down the minutes till the she got home.  But what's a mom to do, right!?!  You would think the boys would be doing the happy dance not having their sisters in the house for a few hours (there are 3 total ~ my 2 and J whom I watch). Nope not here!  What a dramatic day! I'll leave it at that.  Hopefully all will be good by next week!  We were happy when they were both home safe and sound.

Gracie must've had a great day at school; as she hopped off the bus like a big girl (pushed me away from helping her)! I asked her if she had a good day, and she started to tell me all about it!  After lunch I told her to go pee, and she did all by herself.  She even surprised herself! :)

We will be trying something new.  Due to a glitch between Gracie's bus time and E's (the little girl I watch) bus time we will be heading down a couple of blocks to a bus stop for both girls to get on the morning bus (2 separate buses).  I'm a bit nervous on how this will work out come the cold(er) months and when babysitting family's new baby arrives. Hoping for the best though!

Good luck my Gorgeous in your new school year!  I wish you the best, and love you to the moon and back!   

Jonah was a bit excited to turn 2 years old!  I think his birthday was more than he could have imagined and then some!  He enjoyed brownies, cupcakes, lots of yummy food, and especially enjoyed all those gifts he got!

I must say Jonah is all boy.  He jumps off anything high (and yes I'm quite surprised he hasn't broken anything yet), is quite the gymnast (jumping, summer saults, flips, anything), and is learning to "fight like a man"! The.kid.never.stops.running....literally!

He still loves his car and will only (barely) give it up to jump on the trampoline! Jonah is starting to have more of a love of coloring, drawing, and reading.  We are working on learning our numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.  He's getting good at his shapes & animals! I think it has helped to have our little buddies over during the day to help with that! :)

Jonah is still a momma's boy.  Anything I am doing he has to be 110% involved!  Which comes in handy while cleaning and doing laundry. :)

For as hyper and my lil man is I love the fact he is my cuddler too!  He loves to be held and snuggled! I'll take it anytime! Love my little guy to the moon and back!


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